OutStanding Screens™ Outdoor Movie Projection Screen

Enjoy a drive-in movie experience in your own back yard, front yard, driveway, campground, anywhere you can make it happen! Imagine sitting in front of an 16'x9' outdoor movie screen enjoying home movies, feature films, computer and video games, sporting events and children's performances. Anything you connect to your projector can now be outdoors and the size of a double-sized garage door! Spread some speakers around and: Scary is Scarier, Funny is Funnier, and Action is Actionier!....? Well, you get it. 


OutStandingScreens™ Drive In 16’ - 16’x9’, 220” diagonal screen - MSRP $999.00


SALE PRICE $599.00 


(The whole box (6”x6”x72”), carrying case, screen and hardware shipped to your door weighs less than 21 lbs.)



If you don't love your outdoor movie screen, send it back within 45 days of receipt and we will give you a full refund. OutStandingScreens™ are made of quality materials that should last for years with reasonable care. If you have questions or other problems, send us an email or give us a call and we will work on a solution for you. Besides calling us, you can also find 24/7 help at http://www.OutStandingScreens.com, a searchable resource with select information geared towards helping you get the most from your outdoor movie experience.


Read through the website! Please read and follow all set-up, care and safety instructions. OutStandingScreens™ has taken the time to consider safety and quality throughout product development. For best results, use only OutStandingScreens™ approved screens, ropes, poles, and hardware. As we can't imagine all the possible ways that our product may be placed, you must consider your environment. Reading through the website will help you think through your options. Your OutStandingScreen™ is not intended for permanent installation.


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