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What Do I Need for Outdoor Movies? 

OutStanding Screens Outdoor Movie Theater

You can create stunningly impressive outdoor movies at home with a few simple components. Imagine sitting in your own backyard with a brightly lit 16' by 9' tall screen with surround sound stereo under the stars. Your own personal drive-in theater! If you are too young for that visual, then picture an indoor movie theater...outdoors! Click "read more" for the complete story about choosing your components. 


Outdoor movies? Why? And then, "Oh, that sounds cool!" How often do we consider how it is all done, or that we can do it in our own backyards? So, what components do we need to make this all happen? We need the following to project a movie, video game, home movies, or whatever:

  • A Video Projector
  • A Source of Video
  • A Source of Sound
  • A Screen Surface

A Video Projector - Given some thought, many people already have access to a projector, they just haven't thought about it yet. If you do need to buy one, you can get a very decent projector for

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Screen Options for Outdoor Movies 

OutStanding Screens Children's Movie Event

Children and adults alike will love an outdoor movie theater with a 220" outdoor projection screen! Notice the kids in the foreground? Whether you are standing next to your favorite animated character, boxer, football player, or video game character, a large screen has impact! But screens come in many shapes and forms. Some general options include:

  • Do-it-yourself Screens
  • OutStanding Screens
  • Solid Frame Screens
  • Inflatable Screens

Do-it-yourself Screens - After you have everything else ready, it's time to throw that image up onto your screen! Of course we would love to have you use our OutStanding Screens 220" outdoor projection screen, but there are

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